Study Habits

 Studying for classes will play a major roll in surviving in college. I came to the realization that you just can’t go into any college course and B.S. your way through it. What makes me say this? It would definitely be because I tried it , thinking I’ll be able to get a passing grade … well I was WRONG!!! So my advice to you if you’re not a good test taker is to definitely study. Studying is not just about trying to pass your test , think of it as you making yourself standout by knowing what someone else may not,  you have to admit, its a good feeling to know you’re ahead of the game. You may have to take extra time out of your day to do so but its all worth it at the end. To help you get started, visit resources around your school:

  • study groups
  • tutoring
  • writing lab
  • math lab
  • office hours

Click the link for the  top 5 study tips

Ok , yes, I know I have stated the obvious so far but I have another way that you can make the studying work way better. The first thing that usually comes to  mind is where do we even start? I have a solution to this, tackling the type of learner that you are. Most people don’t realize that when they’re learning its always that one thing they may not notice but they always tend to do it. For example, I learn material better by seeing it put in maps, graphs, cornell style notes,  pictures or  highlighted and color coordinated text. This is what you call a visual Learner. Does this sound like you too? If not don’t worry there are other learning styles that may fit your learning type.

Click to find out what type of learner are you?:

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