Communication is key !

A lot of people are always stating the fact that they know communication is key but they don’t put their words into action. In college there are constantly situations where you’re going to have no choice but to open your trap!  For example, I was recently hit with a debate assignment with a group of randoms. I immediately think “what the heck, I’ll just let them do all the talking”  then my teacher basically was already three steps ahead and says “everybody in the group has to talk by the way”.

So of course I was bummed and thought how to get out of it but once again my teacher decides to now be six steps ahead of me and states ” Oh. For those of you who are gonna come down with a cold on the day of your debate, if you don’t support the team you won’t be apart of the team which means you will have a 0 for the assignment”. Yeah, I know it sucks huh? Overall I mean it’s no point of being in school to fail so of course I took the smarter route and joined the randoms!

So, basically what I’m trying to get you to understand is that whether you are a social butterfly or as dead as a doorknob you’ll have to eventually adjust to others depending on which one you may be. For you social butterflies, try and get the other person to be more open, reel that person in and help them to be engaged… we all know how it feels on that first day of attending a new school, well that’s what it feels like to an antisocial person who have to step outside their comfort zone. For those of you who are antisocial, just try to find something you have in common with others, or just simply ask questions to get a feel of who or what you may be working with.

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