Patience is Key

Its usual for you to hear parents say “GET A JOB!” to teenagers. In college most kids need a job for their own well being. Clothes, food, or just extra curricular activities are many factors. Lets go back to about three weeks ago when I didn’t have a car or job! Me and my best friend took the bus everywhere, some days we spent 2 hours on the bus to get to one place! Of course I was pissed because the bus routes were late, too early, or didn’t show up at all. This caused me to miss interviews and waste time, that I could have spent doing school work. My best friend on the other hand lives at home with her mom and still gets treated like an adult. She has to pay 10 bucks just to get a ride to my house which is about 5 minutes away. She has to pay for absolutely everything she uses, including soap, toothpaste, laundry, and food but of course the rent is free.

So we both decided to take the time out to prioritize and getting a job was number one on the list! I will admit the process take up a handful of time and even longer for it to pay off, since we live in a small college town where EVERYBODY need/wants a job. Now its about three months later after applying to every place we could think of and I now have a job in the mall at Charming Charlie and my best friend now is the the stand supervisor at University of Florida! My mom seen me working hard to get what I needed so she got me a car and my best friend mom now takes her anywhere for free (lol). My whole point of this story is to show you that PATIENCE is KEY !!!

word count:306


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