Is School Really For Me ???

I know everyone has thought about this once in their lifetime. I can honestly say I SUCK at turning in assignments, I just can’t keep up! I think the first step is to learn how to prioritize. I’ll admit I probably spend eighty percent of my day on social media. Yeah, that’s awful isn’t it? Its like the other twenty percent is split between work and sleep. I know you’re probably thinking this doesn’t even sound right knowing that I’m a college student but its true! I make absolutely no time for my school work.I’m starting to realize that this is not doing me any good at all.

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Everyone has those days where they’re just not into school or don’t want to be bothered with the work. I feel like that almost everyday! So of course it makes me think that maybe school isn’t for me? I’m not really sure that I know where i’m going with this but we’re all human, i’m pretty sure you might have an idea. I find it absolutely ironic that I feel this way when I was once a straight A student and the fact that one day I want to become an successful OB/GYN  who starts her own practice.

By the looks of things that  normal 8 year journey might be more around a 10 year journey for me. I once was told by a complete stranger (who I just so happen to keep in contact with) that he went to school and got his A.A. and he wanted to become a surgeon. Well lets just say he reminds me of myself , he didn’t like school at all and didn’t really know if he could bare another 6 years and he didn’t.  This guy totally stopped after his A.A. and just started working a dead end job! So  you’re probably thinking that he’s crazy or that’s he’s doing nothing with his life. You’re absolutely correct ! Yeah, he is definitely nuts for being brave enough to just quit and not a have a plan but then there’s a twist. He’s still doing nothing with his life but sitting at home soaking up all the A.C. in his MANSION!!!!

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This guy told me that him not having a plan was the best thing to ever happen to him. I guess being out in the real world with nothing to lose shows you what’s really out there. So to make a long story short he’s now a entrepreneur (started his own catering service) and will never look back thanks to working at his dead end job ( McDonald’s).  The whole point of this is to show you that you just have to think outside the box , do what works best for you . If school is not for you then take a break, you never know what you might find out about the work force or just about yourself  just like the guy did. He went from going to school to become a surgeon and ended up becoming a personal caterer and he’s successful and now rich, not to mention it didn’t take 8 years!

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