How to make managing your time easier?

Managing time can be a big task to fulfill.  I recently realized that I have the hardest time remembering to turn in completed work or that I even have work to do. That’s awful right!? I know ..  college success course I think is the most helpful class if you find yourself not being able to keep track of your work or just adjusting to college at all. In the class my most recent assignment was to track my schedule for a week (school, bus, work, electronics, etc.) and find out where most of my time is going ?  and what can I do to improve managing my time.

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Personally most of my time went to being on the computer or riding the bus. So by me being able to visually see where my biggest issue came from I decided that while i’m on the bus I would use that time to study to and from places that I go . My computer time I would definitely cut down to just weekends unless its strictly homework. Surprisingly my end result has been very rewarding! I haven’t fully got the hang of turning things in on time yet but I definitely  don’t forget to do any of my assignments any more! 🙂

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Procrastination is a Killer

So let me just say that I’m the biggest procrastinator I know! ….Why do we procrastinate? The answer is clearly because it’s working for us, right?  I’ve totally made this a bad habit while recently deciding I’m going to get out of it. There are many different ways to avoid procrastination, for example, start a planner, get a calendar, or you may even be one of those people who forget right after looking at it so get some sticky notes and stick them on a mirror or the inside of your room door then you wont have a choice but to look and see what needs to get done or just simply PLAN AHEAD!!!!!!!!! I’ll be starting my “no more procrastination journey” today … try it out and let me know what method works best for you! 🙂